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Great Spinal Health Ventura CA Chiropractor

Great Spinal Health Ventura CA Chiropractor

Visit: https://schneiderchiropractic.com to learn more about how the Schneider Chiropractic Center could be your Primary Healthcare Solution!

“He has magic hands!”

This amazing patient, Pat, was referred to Schneider Chiropractic Center by her sister who had rave reviews after a car accident in which she suffered with neck pain. Pat’s skepticism at first was very short lived due to the extremely gentle and thorough care that Dr. Schneider provides.

Join our wonderful health community! We focus on providing safe,gentle, and effective treatments for restoration and revitalization of your health for life.

Schneider Chiropractic Center
1151 E Main St
Ventura, CA 93001
(805) 643-0168


For Your Health,

Dr. Daniel Schneider

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