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Wellness Care Ventura CA Chiropractor

Wellness Care Ventura CA Chiropractor

Visit: https://schneiderchiropractic.com to learn more about how the Schneider Chiropractic Center could hold your Future Wellness Solution!
“I feel really cared for with a whole body approach which is very rare in the medical industry.”

This amazing wellness patient first came to the wonderful office of Dr. Daniel Schneider approximately 11 years ago as an anxious teenager who was suffering with anger and anxiety. She attributes better well being and better lifestyle choices in the process of restoring and revitalizing physical and emotional balance in her journey to optimal health .

Come and Experience the Difference in Healthcare.

Schneider Chiropractic Center
1151 E Main St
Ventura, CA 93001
(805) 643-0168


For Your Health,

Dr. Daniel Schneider

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